Fort Lauderdale, Florida Solar Energy

Discover cutting-edge solar solutions in Fort Lauderdale with Kris Konstruction. Our advanced solar systems feature high-performance monocrystalline panels and advanced microinverters, ensuring efficient and reliable solar power generation. Monitor your energy consumption in real time through our user-friendly mobile app, gaining complete control over your energy usage. Additionally, seize the opportunity to benefit from federal tax credits and enjoy reduced electricity bills while contributing to a more sustainable future in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale skyline view from the riverwalk.

Serving Fort Lauderdale's Vibrant Community

At Kris Konstruction, we take immense pride in our service to Fort Lauderdale and its vibrant communities. Just as Fort Lauderdale celebrates its rich culture and picturesque landscapes, we are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the properties that define this beautiful city.

Our team seamlessly combines cutting-edge solar solutions with a profound appreciation for Fort Lauderdale's architectural heritage.

Whether it's a historic gem in Victoria Park or a modern masterpiece in Harbor Beach, we are unwavering in our commitment to honoring the city's history and helping homeowners transition to sustainable solar energy. Join us in embracing a brighter and greener future for Fort Lauderdale.

Solar System Components

A solar system for your home or property is composed of multiple components that all work together. It's important to understand what quality of components are in your proposal so you can make the best decision moving forward.


Things to know about going solar in Florida.

Investing in Solar Panels Beneficial in Florida?

Solar panels are a sound investment for most Florida households, especially since average energy use in the state is well above the threshold where solar becomes advantageous. Key considerations include individual energy consumption, initial installation costs, the period for return on investment, local buy-back rates, the amount of sunlight your roof gets, and Florida's solar-friendly climate.

What Does Solar Installation Cost and Save in Florida?

The typical price for solar systems in Florida is lower than the national average, at approximately $29,095 for a standard setup. However, after accounting for the federal tax incentive, this can drop to around $20,366. Floridians generally use more electricity than the national average, resulting in more significant potential savings over time.

What Financial Incentives Are Available for Solar Installation in Florida?

Homeowners in Florida can take advantage of the Federal Solar Tax Credit, which reduces tax liability by 30% of the solar installation cost. Additional state-specific benefits include exemption from sales tax on solar system purchases and property tax relief for homes with solar improvements. Plus, Florida’s net metering policy offers credits for surplus solar energy generated.

What Legal Regulations Govern Solar Energy in Florida?

Florida law ensures the right to install solar panels, with some restrictions based on aesthetic guidelines. Net metering policies in the state also play a crucial role, allowing homeowners to gain credits for any excess energy produced and fed back into the grid. Additionally, consumer protection laws are in place to ensure fair treatment and transparent contracts for solar energy users.

How Do Sun Exposure and Climate Impact Solar Panel Efficiency in Florida?

The efficiency of solar panels in Florida benefits from the state's high number of sunny days, surpassing the national average. However, factors like roof orientation, potential shading, and the risk of damage from extreme weather conditions like hurricanes should also be factored into the solar panel efficiency equation.


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