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Insurance Restoration Services in Florida

We understand the challenges of storm damage and are here to assist you from the initial insurance claim to the final installation of your new roof. Our team combines expertise in roofing with in-depth knowledge of insurance processes to restore your home's safety and appearance seamlessly.

Kris Konstruction roofer inspecting a broken tile roof from the hurricane.
How it works

Insurance Restoration Process for Homeowners

Navigating the complexities of insurance claims for roofing repairs can be challenging, especially since full funds are often not provided upfront. Our expertise lies in assisting you to secure the complete financing once the job is finalized. Choosing a contractor plays a crucial role in this process. With us, you're not left alone to handle the intricate details of final billing with your insurance company. We ensure a smooth and stress-free completion of the financial aspects of your roofing project.

Initial Inspection

We provide a complimentary roof inspection to assess potential storm damage prior to filing an insurance claim. Our goal is to ensure that claims are only filed when there is legitimate storm-related damage, avoiding unnecessary claims.

Claim Guidance

In the event of storm damage, we offer expert guidance on how to effectively file a claim with your insurance provider, simplifying the process for you.

Meeting with the Adjuster

Once a claim is filed, an insurance adjuster will be assigned and will conduct an on-site inspection of the damage. We will be present during this inspection to collaborate with the adjuster, ensuring that all roof damage is accurately identified and documented.

Review of Scope of Work

Following the inspection, the adjuster will prepare and send you an estimate. We will then review this settlement together, clarifying the scope of work that is covered under your claim, to ensure a comprehensive understanding.

Final Paperwork and Scheduling

Upon agreement with the claim settlement, we will proceed with the final paperwork. This includes selecting a new shingle color, after which we will schedule your roof's production and installation.

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