Durability and Strength

Eagle Concrete Tiles are renowned for their exceptional durability. Made from robust concrete, these tiles are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, wind, and extreme temperatures, ensuring long-term protection for your home.

Aesthetic Versatility

These tiles come in a variety of colors and styles, making them perfect for complementing any architectural design. From classic to contemporary homes, Eagle Concrete Tiles enhance curb appeal with their timeless beauty and diverse design options.

Energy Efficiency

Concrete tiles are naturally insulating, helping to regulate indoor temperatures. This feature contributes to energy efficiency in your home, potentially reducing heating and cooling costs and contributing to a more comfortable living environment.

Technical Specs

Material Composition: Made from high-quality concrete, often mixed with additional strengthening materials.

Dimensions: Varied sizes based on the specific tile profile and design.

Weight: Generally heavier than other roofing materials, requiring appropriate structural support.

Color and Finish Options: Wide range of colors and finishes to match different architectural styles.

Fire Resistance: Typically offers good fire resistance, often with a high fire rating.

Wind and Weather Resistance: Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions including high winds and heavy rain.

Energy Efficiency: Provides natural insulation properties.

For detailed and exact specifications, including dimensions, weight, and specific performance ratings, you should refer to the Eagle Roofing Products website or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Install Package

Tear Off Existing Roofing System

Removal of the existing roofing down to the sheathing, ensuring a clean base for the new installation.

Install Underlayment

Apply underlayment, using a self-adhering membranes to provide a secondary waterproof barrier.

Batten System

Install battens or lath on the roof, which serve as a grid for placing and securing the tiles.

Tile Placement and Attachment

Tiles are laid starting from the eave and moving upward, often using nails or screws.

Mortar Application

Use mortar for ridge and rake tiles, ensuring they are securely sealed and positioned.

Replace Flashing

Remove existing flashing and install flashings around critical areas like roof penetrations and valleys.

Replace Vents

Remove existing vents and install new to ensure proper roof ventilation to prevent moisture issues.

Waste Management

Provision of a dumpster for debris and a thorough cleanup post-installation to leave the property tidy.

Install Process

Tile installs are typically completed within 3-5+ business days. The timeline and schedule is weather dependent and inspections can vary from county to county.

Deliver Materials

The materials will be delivered in the driveway a couple days prior to the scheduled install date. A Kris Konstruction rep will stop by prior to the install to completed an Materials check to verify that the correct and completed order has been delivered.

Phase 1: Tear-off Existing Roof

Removal of existing roof is disposed into the dumpster and hauled away. The entire perimeter of the house will be cleaned up. We use magnetic rakes to pickup any loose nails in the yard and garden.

Dry-in Inspection

Depending on the county, the roof dry-in inspection may be completed within the same day as the tear off via virtual inspection. If an in-person inspection is required, typically the dry-in inspection is completed the following day.

Phase 2: Install

Once the dry-in inspection is passed, we begin installing the new shingles and complete the roof install. Upon completion, another round of clean up will be done.

Final Inspection

Depending on the county schedule, the final inspection is scheduled for as soon as possible after we completed the roof install.

Lifetime Labor Warranty

All of our work is covered by a Lifetime Warranty covering both labor and materials.

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